Bachelor of Midwifery Science

2 Year Programme

The post-diploma midwifery science top-up degree program is designed to enhance the student’s ability to use community–oriented, evidence-based approaches in the provision of midwifery care that is responsive to the needs of the community in both rural and urban settings.

The Bachelor of Midwifery Science program will cover two academic years, which is a five (5) semesters degree course.

This program will be implemented using a variety of teaching and learning modes that encourage active and student centred learning to ensure that the graduates become life-long self–directed learners to be able to meet the challenges in healthcare delivery.


Year One

Foundations of Midwifery Practice
Physiology I
Ethics and Integrity for Health Care Professionals
Gender and Women’s Health
Business & Writing Communication
Skills for Healthcare Professionals
Clinical Midwifery Skills
Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Health Communications: Theory and Practice for Health Care Professionals
Reproductive Health
Comprehensive Family Planning
Research Methods & Proposal Development

    Year Two

    Midwifery Pharmacology
    Midwifery: Obstetrical Anatomy & Ante-Natal Care
    Midwifery: Intrapatum and Post-Natal Care
    Midwifery: Gynaecology
    Midwifery: Domicilliary
    Care of Children in Early Childhood
    Midwifery Entrepreneurship
    Principles of Teaching and Learning
    Health Services Administration
    Research Project

      Midwives work in a variety of settings such as clinics, hospitals and healthcare centres. In the line of work, a midwife may also be involved in other aspects of women's health, such as sexual and reproductive health, lactation consultancy, childcare and research and policy development.

      Midwives have a highly developed knowledge base and many clinical skills, and may find work nationally, regionally and internationally.

      Internship and placement opportunities can be arranged.

      Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent and 2 principal passes obtained at the same sitting or credits in Mathematics and English at Uganda Certificate of Education.
      Diploma in Midwifery from a recognised Institution and must be certified by the Uganda Nurses & Midwives Council UNMC).