Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics

3 Year Programme
Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics is an appropriate goal for students who want to acquire extensive skills and knowledge. Beyond such acquisition, this program is designed to transform students to graduates with a formidable capacity to solve complex business problems (purchasing) with enormous creativity and innovation. Students are empowered to possess integrated skills and knowledge in, inter alia, accounting, marketing, strategic management, e-procurement (procurement software applications), international business, negotiation in purchasing and supply, legal aspects in purchasing and supply chain management.
Graduates will gain:

  • The ability to enhance critical thinking, analytical and interpersonal abilities necessary for the increasingly diverse society and the global economy.
  • Sufficient capacity to satisfy strategic planning needs of enterprises to achieve their marketing objectives.
  • The ability to translate theoretical principles learnt into practical solutions at his or her work place.
  • A good understanding and ability to transfer the knowledge attained in their study area into the day-to-day issues they face at their work places.
  • The ability to be critical thinkers, analyse ideas evaluate various logistics and distribute management strategies.
  • A firm foundation to design solutions to logistics and distribution related problems.
  • Good information technology skills, negotiating, presentation skills, problem solving skills with minimum supervision, research and analytical skills etc.

Internship and placement opportunities can be arranged.



Year One

Communication Skills
Business Administration
Financial Accounting
Information Systems
Case Study Workshop I
Managerial Accounting
Business Environment/Macro Economics
Business Decision Making
Business Law
Case Study Workshop II

Year Two

Management Accounting, Costing and Budgeting
Principles of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Purchasing Systems
Logistics and Distribution Management
Human Resource Management
Case Study Workshop III
Managing Stores and Inventory
Public Procurement
Research Methodology
Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management
Legal Aspects in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Research Workshop I

Year Three

Strategic Human Resource Management
Global Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Research Project/Thesis
Negotiation in Purchasing and Supply
Business Research Project
Research Workshop II
Financial Management
Corporate Governance
E-Procurement (procurement software applications)
Issues in Purchasing – Risk Management, Ethics and CSR
Quality and Systems Management
Case Study Workshop IV

The program’s broad approach prepares graduates for positions like Purchasing Officer in public, private and non-profit firms, senior tactical buyers, logistics officers and managers, stores managers and controllers, distribution managers, project managers, freight forwarding and customs officer, stock analysts or researchers, and procurement supervisors.

Internship and placement opportunities can be arranged.

Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent and 2 principal passes obtained at the same sitting.
Diploma in Procurement and Logistics or in any other related course from a recognised Institution.