Dr Sudhir Ruparelia Grant

Victoria University is an Institution of higher learning licensed by National Council for Higher
Education. We are inviting 150 talented students to take up degrees and diplomas for the
academic year 2017/2018

Entry Requirement:
Candidates must meet these selection criteria:
i. Must be between the ages of 18 and 35 years
ii. Must be in possession of good matric results
iii. Must portray positive attitude
iv. Must provide references
v. Must be willing to give back to the community
vi. Must maintain a GPA of minimum 3.5 throughout the program

Application Process:
i. Fill and submit your application online/ offline. click here
ii. Fill the Scholarship form to show interest and confirm. download form
that you fulfil the criteria.
iii. After review of your application, the scholarship committee will
offer you the scholarship.