IT Skils for Academic Study

Course Description
This introductory course on IT Skills for Academic Study is divided into four main parts: the
computer, computer terminology, controlling and using the computer, using the internet.

Course Objectives
This course is intended to develop students' practical skills in information technology so that
they are equipped to use technology to assist the learning processes in academic study. The
internet component of the course will enable students to use on-line resources diligently and
efficiently for research purposes.

Course Outline
The Computer
History of the Computer
The main parts of the Computer
Uses of the Computer
Computer terminology
What is the Desktop?
Icons, Shortcuts, Folders, and Files
Recycle Bin, My Computer and Networking
Applications and Programs
Windows and Operating System
Local Drives and Network Drives
Controlling and Using the Computer
Orientation to Windows and the Windows Desktop
Orientation to the Mouse
Opening and Closing Items on the Desktop
Single Click vs Double Click
Moving the Windows on the Desktop
Moving the Icons on the Desktop
Using the Window's Borders to Change Sizing
Using the Maximize, Restore, & Minimize Buttons
Using the Start Button
Using the Taskbar
Controlling the Taskbar Using Height and LocationUsing the Start Button
Starting Programmes on the Computers
Computer Programmes/Applications
Kinds of programmes
Word Processing applications
Opening and Closing Word Processing Applications
Running and Moving Between Multiple Programmes
Using the Taskbar to Move
Using the Minimize Button
Using the Maximize Button
Running Other Programs at the Same Time
Entering Basic Information in Word Processing Applications
Basic Copying and Pasting Information Between Programmes
Copying Information
Pasting the Information
The Exact Procedure to Copy and Paste Information Correctly
Saving Information Correctly on Your Computer
The Saving Process
Files and a Folders
Creating and Naming Folders
Saving Files with a "Good" Name
Saving Files in the Right Location
Using Other Programmes
Starting an Internet Browser
Opening the Intraweb page
Navigating through the Intraweb page
Creating and Sending an e-mail
Opening an e-mail
Starting a Presentation Application
Creating and Running a Basic Slide
Using Design Templates
Text Input
Slide Show Effects
Introduction to Spreadsheets
Using Spreadsheets
The functions of a spreadsheet
Using the Internet
Basics of Connecting to the Internet
Introduction to Browsers
Web Navigation
Search Engines
Locating information
Understanding URLs
How to find relevant information
Using Google Scholar
Ethical Considerations

Teaching Methodology
This course will be conducted both in the classroom and in the computer lab. Students will be
continually assessed so that progress through the course is steady and they master the
various parts of the course before embarking on new topics.

Course Assessment
The course will be assessed continuously through practical exercises in the computer lab. A
written test at the end of the course will account for 30% of the final course mark. A practical
examination at the end of the course will account for 70% of the final course mark.