Message from the Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor Dr. Stephen Robert Isabalija

Welcome to Victoria University where excellence is cherished, pursued and celebrated!  And yes it’s true; we are the first and only University located principally at the heart of Kampala city. 

As an institution that prioritises student welfare, we champion the fundamental exposition that education promotes active participants in the transformation of societies. That explains why the University, attuned to a universal outlook while suiting our local scenarios, is dedicated to providing an intellectually stimulating environment for our students.

The academics at Victoria University have rich collaborative relations with global scholars with whom they share a commitment to advance knowledge and address challenges in areas as diverse as Public Health, Business Management and Science and Technology.

Facilitated by our outstanding staff, our state-of-the-art learning environment and our easily accessible campus, Victoria University has prepared itself to celebrate a series of bearings on the world of philosophies and humanity, on policy, culture and technology, and on government, business and the economy.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and motivation to make a difference, Victoria University shall embrace research geared at addressing the major contests facing modern society;  shall engage our stakeholders in society discourses and take the lead; shall shape tomorrow’s world through our students whom we nurture as critical thinkers.

I warmly welcome our students: new and continuing, and commend the staff of Victoria University for your steadfast work during our formative stages. I also wish to thank our patron for superb work on the new home of Victoria University; together we will push Uganda’s boundaries of knowledge to exemplary status.

For God and My Country