American College Students hosted at Victoria University

A Group of American College Students are visiting Uganda and being hosted at Victoria University Kampala. The students are pursuing a GENDER & HUMAN RIGHTS FIELD STUDY.

Sewanee University are heing hosted at Victoria University Kampala under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The objective of the Field Study in Uganda is to facilitate students to better understand and appreciate Gender and Women’s positions, realities in context, current efforts, duty bearer, rights holders, and gender based discrimination in an academic setting. This was a clear collaboration plan developed by both Students and Lecturers highlighting appropriate strategies to be used to contribute to the implementation of the collaboration, knowledge and skills gained in practice.

The American students are from Sewanee University Tennessee USA and are led by Prof. Paige. Known familiarly as “Sewanee” by its students, faculty, staff and friends, Sewanee University of the South offers an unmatched educational experience and are working out a Reasearch collaboration with Victoria University Kampala. Both Universities are  dedicated to building a sense of community and outstanding students. At Sewanee University, all classes are taught by Professors and this is set to happen at Victoria University in the near future.

The result of such individualized education is clear in the academic success of both Victoria University Students and Sewanee students. The university has had 26 Rhodes Scholars—a number that puts Sewanee in the top four nationally among American liberal arts colleges—as well as 32 NCAA Postgraduate Fellows, 45 Watson Fellows, and dozens of Fulbright Scholars, and has an acceptance rate to graduate and professional schools that far outpaces its peers. The School of Theology has added to its alumni ranks countless bishops, including three of the last four presiding bishops of the Episcopal Church.

Victoria University August-September 2016 intake is currently open. S.6 Vacists, Certificate Students, Working class professionals, those seeking to pursue Degrees and Diplomas are all encouraged to apply. Over the weekend a Career day was arranged at Victoria University and was geared to assisting young people make relevant career choices.