Learners urged to prepare for their future

Students of various disciplines have been advised to start preparing for the future now and take advantage of time since no one can buy the past, but can decide future destiny. This motivational words of encouragement were made by the vice chancellor of Victoria University Dr Stephen Isabalija during a carrier guidance conference organised by the university in Kampala in which four inspirational speakers shared their views on how to be successful.

Mr Ethan Musolini an inspirational speaker and founder of Success Africa, a human resource training firm, said students should value education which will prepare them to utilise opportunities that come their way. “A student who is of the future should not only be a specialist but also a generalist who can do so many things at the same time. But you should also be known for something that you are perfect in,” he said. According to him, one of the ways to succeed is to become an actor rather than a spectator. He said one should put energy now giving an example of a farmer who keeps good seeds in a kraal and waits for the planting season to come.

Being pro-active

He urged them to sport the trends and prepare for them like doing a different course as this will enable them to be creative and innovative in future. A student of the future must be deeply knowledgeable and wise; he said since the biggest opportunity in life is age and the worst is also age but one should invest on their head and spend time properly.


Mr Musolini warned them to always be disciplined since one cannot deny the law of sowing and reaping, by saying if you sow indiscipline you will reap indiscipline urging them instead to concentrate in positioning themselves now.

Mr Andrew Mwenda the proprietor of the Independent magazine said somebody’s ability to success in life is something that has to be built in the person adding that success is an ambition that should be built early in life. “Students should not always describe their success around money but a person since the best person to be successful is you, mothers, brothers sisters can want you to be someone else decline all this in order to do what you want to be,” he said