Social Media and Public Relations

The field of Public Relations has changed with the advent of internet with particular regard to digital media. The speed at which information spreads makes it more complicated for any PR Professional. Celebrities have brought down share prices of companies in the developed world by a mere tweet. There is a growth of digital marketers and influencers in Uganda and their impact is starting to be felt. This has inevitably changed the risks and challenges in the traditional PR roles.

This course is thus designed to address the gaps that might exists in the PR functions that have been created by the wave of digitalisation

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to;

  • Focus on what problems that social media can solve and what value this can create for their organisation.
  • Identify the weaknesses of their organisation’s current social media and PR strategies may have weaknesses, why these might have occurred, and how to fix them
  • Understand the framework you need to have in place to ensure that social media creates measurable value for your organisation
  • Predict how the online space will evolve and what new types of tools and approaches are starting to emerge
  • Ensure that social media is a function that becomes integrated into your organisation, rather than sits in a silo

Anticipate risks associated with both social media communication and PR and put in place risk measures to manage these risks

Duration: 5 Days
Fees: 400,000