University Council

The University Council of Victoria University is a deliberative and broadly representative forum which exists to consider the activities of the University in all its phases, with particular attention to the educational objectives of the University and those matters that affect the common interests of faculty, staff and students.


It may recommend general policies and otherwise advise the officers of the University. It is authorized to initiate policy proposals as well as to express its judgment on those submitted to it by the administrative officers of the University and its various academic divisions. 


 Profile of Council Members


Dr. David Byatike MATOVU-  Chairman University Council

Dr. David Byatike Matovu is a seasoned scientist and researcher who has earned a distinguished profile in positions of national leadership as a politician, policy maker, expert in corporate governance, senior civic administrator and pillar of the community.

Educational Qualifications:      Diplomgrad, Germany (equivalent to B.Sc/M.Sc.), Ph.D (Germany)

Recent Management and Administration Experience

2011 - : Head of Laity, St. John’s Parish, Church of Uganda, Entebbe


Mr. Joseph N. BIRIBONWA - Vice Chairman University Council 

Mr. Joseph N. Biribonwa is a seasoned expert in democracy & governance, management & administration, finance and corporate governance, with over forty (40) years of professional experience.

Current Designation: Deputy Chairperson, Uganda Electoral Commission

Educational Qualifications:      B.Com. (Hons.)


Prof. Sandy Stevens Tickodri-Togboa

Prof. Sandy Stevens Tickodri-Togboa is a distinguished engineering scientist and researcher, who has spearheaded innovations that have registered international attention, such as the Vehicle Design Project.  He has served in top university administration and provided leadership on many boards of national institutions.

 Current Designation:  Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
 Educational Qualifications:  Ph.D, M.Sc. (Hons), B.Sc. (Hons)


Joram Francis KAHENANO

Mr. Joram Francis Kahenano is a distinguished banker, with a banking career that spanned over 36 years of professional experience.  He has served on many boards of national institutions.

Current Designation:   Diocesan Secretary, Kampala Diocese, Church of Uganda
 Educational Qualifications: B. Com. (Hons), Postgrad. Diploma, Economic Planning

  Mr James KALEBBO

Mr. James Kalebbo is a retired senior civil servant.  He has profiled himself as a top executive manager, management practitioner, trainer and consultant with over forty (40) years of professional experience.  He headed the Uganda Management Institute for over twelve (12) years, spearheading its transformation from the then Institute of Public Administration to Uganda Management Institute.

Current Designation:   Consultant to Public Service Commission (Terms of Reference include examining candidates for senior civil service positions at the levels of Permanent Secretary, Under Secretary, Director and Commissioner)

Educational Qualifications: B.A., M. Soc. Sc.


  Justice Mary I. D. MAITUM

Justice Mary Maitum is a retired Justice of the High Court of Uganda, having served on the bench over seven (7) years.  She is a seasoned legal practitioner, consultant and lecturer in Law, with over forty (40) years of professional experience.

Current Designation: Consultant, Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA-

Uganda) since 2008.

Educational Qualifications:      Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln’s Inn (UK)


  Dr. William BAZEYO

Dr. William Bazeyo is a highly experienced senior academic researcher in Public Health, and consultant, with over 27 years of professional experience. 

Current Designation: Dean, Makerere University School of Public Health

Educational Qualifications: MB; ChB, M. Med.