Application to Become a Student Recruiter

Job Title: Student Recruiter

Job Overview

A Student Recruiter helps students and professionals find right and relevant courses at Victoria University and get remuneration from the university for each student guided and helped to enroll at Victoria University.

Victoria University provides relevant information, skills the student recruiter through in-house training and provides direct access to key University Officials for effective operation.

If you are passionate about talking to people, building and growing your network, helping and guiding people build their future, and also get paid for all this; this is the right place for you.


What does a Student Recruiter do?

  1. Provides career and academic counseling, planning, and advising to potential students.
  2. Visits primary schools, high schools, and organizations; speaks to groups and individual students; and meets with school officials to promote outreach activities; arranges visits from prospective students and parents.
  3. Serves as a liaison to develop partnerships between the university and local school systems throughout Uganda and abroad.
  4. Creates a database of prospective students and distributes resource materials for student recruitment. 
  5. Responds to inquiries from prospects.

How to apply?

Step 1

Fill this google form (Click here)

Step 2

Upon receipt of your application, we shall send you a contract.

Step 3

We shall provide you free training and certify you as a student recruiter upon receipt of a signed contract.

Step 4

Congratulations! Now you can start working.