I always have this feeling that this year I’ll feel different but it never happens. One month down the road and yet again I’m walking out on a failing relationship, but that’s okay because you can’t really take pride in being happy and having good health in a sick and depressed society. Why are all writers blaming the society, more of scapegoating? Because in the society you exist you’re not just one but three persons, and you know what? This ‘life comes in three`s’ I have come to believe that now.


“What do you want in this life James?” the priest asked me. Curiosity killed the cat my friend, why celibacy? They say sex is good for the eyes.

“Me? I’ll tell you what I want. I want to sin and riot and break the rules and turn everything upside down and rise high above people, then throw myself at their feet and say, ‘Dear people, my beloved people. I’m not your owner, I’m a low sinner, the lowest of the low! No one owns you, there are no masters, No rules!”