Centre for Urban Studies and Research In Partnership with Victoria University

Victoria University Kampala (VU) in partnership with the Centre for Urban Studies and Research (CFUSR) has scheduled a demand driven training program in Modern Urban Management and Development. We would like to partner with you in delivering the critical mandate Local Governments & MDAs steer in urban development.

In an effort to fill the critical knowledge gaps and improve individual skillsets for efficient service delivery in Uganda’s towns, exemplary and latest practical short courses to address specific Urban development challenges have been initiated. these top-of-the-range practical courses focus on the Urban Development thematic areas that address challenges through modern planning; practices, projects and innovations in improving the quality of life and urban environment through efficient and effective urban service delivery in the cities and towns of Uganda.

Training Dates start: October 2015 through 2016      APPLY NOW

Programme Objective

To develop, grow modern-superior skill-set for the urban managers, sharing and increasing knowledge on modern practical solutions to deal with current and future challenges of urban development in Uganda.


Local Economic Development Strategies 1 Week
Urban Land Development 1 Week
GIS Applications in Urban Planning & Management 2 Weeks
Urban Planning & Managment Systems in Uganda 1 Week
Managing and Financing Urban Infrastructure 1 Week
Planning Laws, Standards, Guidelines & Regulations 1 Week
Finance and Own Source Revenue Management 1 Week
Project Monitoring and Evaluation 1 Week
Urban Solid Waste Management 1 Week
Urban Transport and Traffic Management 2 Weeks
Integrated Development Planning 1 Week
Procurement and Contract Management 1 Week
Property Valuation 1 Week
E- Governance in Urban Management 2 Weeks
Municipal Asset Management 1 Week
Urban Environment and Climate Change 1 Week
Real Estate and Housing Development 1 Week
PPP in Urban Development 1 Week
Urban Community Policing 1 Week
Street Naming and Mapping 1 Week
Urban Tourism/Heritage Development 1 Week
Urban Information Management Systems 1 Week
Renewable Energy Use & Development 1 Week
Participatory Planning 1 Week
Urban Competitiveness and Resilience 1 Week
Urban Greening and Beautification Strategies 1 Week
Urban Safety & Security Strategies 1 Week
Urban Agriculture 1 Week
Slum Re-development Strategies 1 Week
Water and Sanitation 1 Week
Urban Landscaping 1 Week