About CILT

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport International is a uniquely established global professional body. The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport International is the leading professional body associated with logistics and transport. With over 33,000 members working in over 100 countries worldwide, CILT holds unparalleled professional international recognition.

Established in 1919 and receiving its Royal Charter in 1926, the Institute has an exciting history behind it, but is always adapting to stay consistent with current logistics and transport issues. The Institute's Patron is HRH Queen Elizabeth II. 

The principal objective of the Institute is “To promote and encourage the art and science of logistics and transport”. The Institute achieves this objective through both its membership and its educational qualifications.

Membership provides a professional identity to those in the logistics and transport sector, as well as international recognition. The Institute’s professional qualifications educate not only those already in the sector, but also those wishing to enter into it.


Our Goals and Objective



  • Offer professional qualifications aimed at progressing the knowledge, competence and in addition, the careers of logistics and transport professionals.
  • Partner with training providers that can demonstrate robust and sustainable lecturing teams in the longerterm.
  • Keep high   professional standards   by providing skills, knowledge and competence through seasoned professional , guest speakers and other lecturers,


Our objective is to be the institute that promote, encourage and co-ordinate the study and advancement of the science and art of transport and logistics in all its form.


Membership Grades  

There are five separate membership grades within CILT – Affiliate, Student, Member, Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow.

  • Affiliate Membership
  • Student Membership
  • Member Institute of Logistics and Transport
  • Chartered Member Institute of Logistics and Transport
  • Chartered Fellow Institute of Logistics and Transport

Membership Benefits

The CILT membership post-nominals are recognised internationally, and are valued by employers worldwide as a sign of excellence. If you already have a CILT qualification, applying for full membership of CILT can give your CV an extra boost, certifying your working experience as well as the qualification you’ve gained.

Even Affiliate membership can be a useful addition to your CV, as it shows your commitment to your chosen field, so it’s worth considering keeping your membership current after completing a CILT qualification. Members of CILT also receive a number of extra benefits, including access to professional development resources, careers advice and networking opportunities.

Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT)

WiLAT was launched in 2013 to promote the industry to female members and to encourage and support their career development.

By June 2014 WiLAT had over 1,600 members in 14 countries, Uganda inclusive and are still growing.

The Women in Logistics (WiL) Vision is to;

“Improve the lives of women in logistics and address gender imbalance, enabling the logistics industry to benefit from female talent.”  

The WiL Mission is to;

Attract, retain and support women working in logistics and promote the broader diversity agenda.
Provide opportunities for the logistics industry, and other key stakeholders, to support women working in the sector and identify and address the challenges to recruitment and retention.

The objectives of the forum are to
•    Connect – Provide networking and professional development events
•    Engage – To provide a voice for women working in logistics and to address, from a female perspective, key challenges the profession faces

Our vision

Our vision is to enable innovation, excellence and value creation for both individuals and corporate bodies by being the leading membership organisation and education provider within our community of professionals.



Our mission

Our mission is to add value to individual and corporate members by enhancing their knowledge, careers, and businesses by setting, supporting and delivering professional standards and education and by promoting logistics, transport and their associated supply chains to society as a whole.

Our value

These values govern our way of delivering on our key objectives and are used throughout the Institute. They cover all aspects of colleagues’ working relationships with: other employees, members, Forums, groups, governments, business partners, suppliers, competitors and the broader community.