Bachelor of Public Administration and Management

3 Year Programme
The public sector is expanding daily and becoming more complex. Due to this, there is need to study and appreciate modern-day issues, and challenges in public administration and management if one is to administer and manage the public affairs properly. This course seek to equip students with knowledge and skills to become public administrators and/or managers for the public, private, and corporate domains that need such technically, ethically and psychologically qualified personnel in their organisations.
Internship and placement opportunities can be arranged



Year One
Theories of Public Administration and Management
Organisational Behaviour
Public Sector Management
Decentralisation and Local Government Administration
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to Information & Computer Technology
Introduction to Micro Economics
Case Study
Comparative Public Administration
Regional Planning and Development
Gender and Development
Theories of Development
Development Administration and Management
Communication Skills
Classical and Modern Political Thought

    Year Two
    Government and Politics in African Political Economy
    Public Policy Management
    Public Finance Management and Accountability
    Urban Planning and Management
    Environmental Management and Sustainable Development
    Contemporary Social Problems
    Globalisation and World Order
    Human Rights and Democracy
    NGOs in Development
    Public Relations
    Introduction to Social Research
    Labour Issues and Concerns

      Year Three
      Human Resource Management
      Forced Migration and Refugee Management
      Peace Maintenance and Conflict Resolution
      Constitutionalism in Uganda
      Disaster Preparedness and Management
      Project Planning and Management
      Demography and Population Studies
      International Organisations/ Relations
      Administrative Law
      Sociology of Development
      Research Project (Dissertation writing)

        There are a number of major advantages to gaining the Bachelor of Public Administration and Management degree. The program provides graduates with the flexibility to move into a broad scope of management positions across a wide range of industries. It provides invaluable knowledge on the key functions required to run a company and manage people. Bachelor of Public Administration and Management graduates can work in a number of areas in all sectors as Administrators, Administrative Specialists, Budget Analysts and Community Relations Specialists.

        Internship and placement opportunities can be arranged.

        Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent and 2 principal passes obtained at the same sitting. OR Diploma in Public Administration and Management or in any other related course from a recognised Institution.