1. What do I do if I forget my password?
Click on forgot password and a procedure to create a new
2. What do I do to create an account?
Click Login and it will request you to fill in different options i.e Email and Password
3. How do I add more institutions under the Education section
Please click the Add button on the Bottom left of the page.
4. I am currently enrolled at Victoria University. Can I login and download an application form with my student number?
Yes all applicants can apply online. As a student you may want to download and apply for a second course. Secondly you apply by logging in online.
5. I have sent the application form, but did not receive the confirmation e-mail within two days. What should I do?
• Did you make sure you filled out all the required fields lined in red?
• Did you first save the completed application form onto your computer?
• Did you then re-open it from your computer and only then click the ‘send form ’ button? If not, your application form was probably not sent correctly.
If you checked all these things and there is still a problem, please send the application form as an attachment to our admissions office ; admissions@vu.ac.ug


1. Which attachments should I upload? Do I need to upload all the attachments mentioned on the list?
- Your Identity (Passport, Identity card or Driving Permit)
- Academic Transcripts
2. I do not have a passport yet so I cannot upload a photocopy of my passport. What should I do?
Kindly use your other national identification card although you will need a student visa if you are an international student.


1. Do I have to pay the USD 20 application fee?
Yes all students pay 20 Dollars for application.
2. I notice that after clicking the pay button the final fee is 20.99? Is this correct.
Yes the 0.99$ is the processing fee paid to the different payment service providers.


1. I have already submitted the application form and I want to attach PDF documents to my file, but it doesn’t work. What should I do?
If your application form has not been successfully registered in our system (and you did not yet receive the confirmation e-mail), it is not possible to upload attachments to your file. You will notice that this feature still appears in grey, which means that it is not yet active. From the moment your application form has been registered correctly in our system, the feature will turn black and you will be able to upload your attachments. 2. If I have not graduated by the time of my application, can I still apply?
Yes, if you are still studying at the time of your application, you can upload the provisional transcripts of your current studies to your application. You will also need to send a certified copy of these provisional transcripts to us by post. This way the faculty will be able to evaluate your grades and make a decision about your application. You will need to have completed your current studies successfully by the time you enroll at our university. If you cannot present us with a proof of graduation by the time of enrollment, you will not be allowed to enroll at our university.
3. How long will the whole application process take?
From the moment your electronic file is completed (all required documents are uploaded and you have paid the application fee, if applicable to you), to the moment you receive an outcome on your application; we estimate a total of two to seven days.
4. Can I make more than one application?
Yes, you are allowed to make more than one application. However, if the application fee applies to you, please note that you will need to pay an application fee for each application you submit.
You only need to send one set of certified copies of your diplomas and transcript of records and translations in hard copy. The same certified copies will be used for each application you submit online.
Please note that you can only register for one programme at a time. If you get admission to more than one programme, you will have to choose one programme in which you’d like to enroll.
5. I was admitted to a programme this year, but I was not able to come to Victoria University and I want to defer my admission. How should I proceed?
You will have to re-apply for the next intake. You will have to re-pay the application fee (if applicable to you) and you will have to re-upload all the required documents to your online file.
Your file will be sent to the faculty to be re- evaluated with reference to your admission for the same programme from the previous year. We need to do this as there may have been some programme changes or changes in the admission requirments. Normally, you will receive approval from the faculty again without any problem. Then you will receive a new admission letter from us.


1. When do I pay the tuition fee and can I pay by credit card?
Upon registration at our university, you will receive an invoice at our Bursar’s Office for the total amount of the tuition fee. Payment must be made within a few days. Paying the fee is possible by cash, bank transfer.


1. When does the registration period start and end? When do classes start?
The registration period for the January 2017-2017 academic year starts on 1st October, 2016 and ends 30th January 2017. The academic year opens on the 1st February 2017.
2. How can I be assisted with accommodation?
Please visit our Students Services office for assistance.