International Students

Here is Everything you Need to Know About Studying and Living in Kampala Uganda

Visa Services
The University assists all International students in obtaining student visa as per the standing rate at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The 2015 student visa rates are: $25 for 3 months,$50 for 6 months, and $100 for 12 months.
These rates do not have any agent fees attached. We will also assist student who need to renew their visas as they continue their studies at the University.

Victoria University
Victoria University Kampala is a Cosmopolitan University with a variety of nationalities-Ugandan, Kenyan, Arab, Tanzanian, Congolese, English Indian, Rwandese, Afrikaans, Burundi, Cameroonian, Lebanese, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Somali and Nigerian.
With a Well established reputation as the best private University in East Africa, forward thinking, modern university, Victoria University Kampala offers a Vibrant and stimulating environment to further your studies.

  1. Location
    Victoria University Kampala is located in the middle of Kampala City providing convenience and accessibility to all our Students and Working class professionals ‘students. The University is less than an hour from Entebbe International Airport. We have Students accommodation Hostels conveniently located.
  2. Choice of programs
    We offer a wide variety of courses and our qualification are designed to meet the needs of the market place. We have established links with a number of Professional and Corporate  Companies and constantly review our portfolio to ensure that it meets both student’s requirements and current sophisticated Employer’s needs.
  3. Self-Employment Program
    Our courses focus and aim at imparting skills to students and this will enable them venture into self-employment areas and sectors of the economy.
  4. Employment Oriented education
    We make sure that our Graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills required for a successful career in their chosen field. Input is provided from Researchers, current market and Industry Practitioners,