Victoria University guild wants students' constitution

Victoria University guild President Mr Keith Herold Mugabi says his aim in office is to leave a track record at the institution first by introducing a constitution for the first time in the history of the guild presidency.

Speaking to the Daily Monitor, Mr Mugabi who was voted into office in December last year also said he will create a cafeteria at the institute for students to grab quick snacks and food during long stay at the university premises.

“I wanted to serve Victoria University - I have always wanted to serve people. I felt the guild needed sort of ground work because they were running without a constitution. We needed to bridge the gap between students and administration. The constitution has been drafted and waiting for approval,” he said.

“The university has an open door policy. We go to them when we want anything; they have never denied us anything ever since we came into office. They are the ones who guide us before we make any decisions. Our next project is to have a cafeteria at campus that help student get a few snacks at the university campus,” he added.

Born in a family of four and raised by a single mother, Mr MUgabi went to Kabojja Junior before going to Bishop Cypriano Kihangire, Seeta High (Main campus), completing his A’ Level at Turkish Light Academy.