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Get exposed to modern Public Administration and Management through this MPA. It considers political systems and policy outcomes as key way of engaging with social and political environment.

Provides insights into policy transfer between states in the international community and the shaping of frameworks of international organizations as well as considering the historical and cultural reasons why there remains significant differences in policy trajectories, public service management and service delivery.

Our MPA considers political systems and policy outcomes as key ways of engaging with the social and political environment. MPA studies open networks devolved in decision making and a mixture of public, private and civil society stakeholders all trying to influence the direction of public policy.

Key areas like local government, infrastructure development health services, welfare, trade, aid and disaster management are analyzed with a critical look at public services and changes in various countries across the globe especially among the third world nations. Global trends will feature predominantly as case studies for learners to share experience as well as build their focus in the future.


  • More Practical Approach
  • Access to unlimited Journal Publication
  • Hands on Experience
  • Exposure to Seminars and Conferences
  • Free Article Publication in media
  • Urban setting
  • International collaboration

Potential Career Paths for Professionals with a Master in Public Administration.Recent graduates with a public administration degree have a variety of career paths available to them.

Depending upon personal interests and individual aspirations, professionals who hold an MPA degree can choose to work in a variety of fields in both public and private organizations.

In addition, for career changers who have significant experience in a particular discipline, advanced studies in public administration can provide the skills needed to bridge into a new leadership role.Eg-Government,Healthcare,Non-Profit,Education

A Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline