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Computing and communications technologies lie at the heart of every organisation. The delivery of information services includes a technological framework of hardware, software, networks, tools, internet applications and telecommunications equipment as well as the ethical, professional and legal
Duration 3 Years

Managers cannot ignore information systems because they play such a critical role in contemporary business organizations. Today’s systems directly affect how managers decide, plan and manage their employees, and increasingly shape what products are to be produced, where, when, and how. Therefore,
Duration 2 Years

Information Technology is a critical component of modern life, and is essential to the communications that support modern society. New applications of information technology are constantly appearing; different applications are linked together forming a complex computing environment. There is now an
Duration 2 Years

Short Course
COURSE DESCRIPTIONThis course on Foundational Mathematics is designed to bring students to a level of mathematical literacy that will assist in university studies. The course is divided into four maintopics: using and applying mathematics, number and algebra, shape, space, and 
Duration 10 Weeks