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The curriculum is designed to meet the challenges of healthcare delivery. The course is highly demanding and designed to use community-orientated, evidence and skills-based approaches in order to be highly responsive to the needs of urban and rural communities.Graduates will gain:The ability to
Duration 4 Years

BSc. Public Health (Part Time) P/T—3 ½ yearsBSc. Public Health (Full Time) F/T—3 yearsThis evidence-based curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to be able to monitor community health by identifying health needs, implementing policies that promote health,
Duration 3 Years

Short Course
The course gives an introduction to the health, safety and environ-mental challenges encountered in the oil and gas industry.  It  provides  an  insight  into  the  main  drivers  of  the  regulatory  frame-work that govern compliance in
Duration 6 Weeks

Fees: UGX 900,000
Short Course
STIs and HIV/AIDS are among the top ten leading causes of morbidity and mortality among adults of reproductive age in Uganda. This course will help improve diagnostic and patient management skills of clinicians and nurses.It will also equip public health experts with the required knowledge and
Duration 2 Weeks

Fees: UGX 360,000