Certificate In Sustainable Microfinance

This Course provides you with a thorough grounding in best practice microfinance, by offering  a wide range of modules, so that you can design your own program to best meet your needs and interests, ranging from management to products and services. Over twenty five years of experience has allowed us to respond to the paradigm shifts of the microfinance industry, incorporating new skills and tools for practitioners to implement in the field.
Debate and critical thinking are part of the course offerings. We place high importance on staying current, and our Microfinance programme reflects the trends we are seeing.
Some of our most popular and highly ranked modules from this highly prestigious and profound Course are listed below. This include the role of SACCOs in Wealth Creation. It combines international best practice with extensive regional expertise.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The nature of Microfinance, demand and Supply, products and services and the new Taxonomy and ethical financing in the Microfinance Industry.
  2. Product and services in the modern Microfinance ; and including the new frontiers in the microfinance services.
  3. The main features of savings and credit and  with emphasis on screening the beneficiaries, nature of finance assets, collateral policies and the contentious issues of interest rates.
  4. Sustainability and outreach with critical study on how to reach and how to select the beneficiaries and also formulate policies that promote sustainability in the Microfinance Industry which has been of great dilema.
  5. Risk management in Microfinance by examining the different types of financial and business risk including business, process, microfinance and financial risks.
  6. Monitoring the Microfinance processes by looking at the reasons for process approach, microfinance processes, the microcredit, process related risks, typologies and the incentive systems in Microfinance Processes.
  7. Microfinance performance with a critical study on performance analysis, performance evaluation model for both projects and Microfinance Institutions
  8. The role of policy and regulations through careful examinations of the determinants of key variables and instruments used in the regulatory framework.
  9. Digital microfinance by examining the principles and challenges in implementing the digital microfinance and the success strories in mobile banking from other countries.
  10. The role of SACCOs in Wealth Creation by examining the background of cooperatives with a focus on Financial inclusion.

Finally; an extensive field Research resulting in Final Project Report will be completed for the Award of the highly Prestigious Victoria University Professional Certificate in Sustainable Microfinance

Duration: 10 Weeks
Fees: 360,000