Financing Your Business Creatively

This course focuses on the various financing available to businesses. It is intended to equip participants with the skills and knowledge of the various financing options, access, benefits and challenges. It covers the two commonly used methods of financing the business as well as other available options, Debt management, Identification, analysis and mitigation of financial risks and management practices that attract adequate financing to the business.

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate the traditional (Equity and Debt), and non-traditional forms of financing for their businesses and be able to select one that is appropriate for their type of business and circumstances
  • Manage cash and liquidity in the business
  • Have a clear understanding of the impact of liquidity and working capital ratios to the financing of an entity.
  • Institute internal controls on the management of working capital
  • Adopt acceptable financial risk management practices
  • Acquire skills on how to use finance to grow their businesses
Duration: 5 Days
Fees: 400,000