Nutrition surveys planning, management, data analysis using ENA software, report writing and dissemination

This course will cover all relevant issues related to nutrition survey. It will cover planning and management of survey activities and resources, design of nutrition survey questionnaire, nutrition data analysis using ENA software and survey results dissemination to all stakeholders.
ENA (Emergency Nutrition Assessment) software is a user-friendly analytical program recommended by SMART and widely used non-governmental organizations for analysis of nutrition surveys. ENA is highly favoured and used by field practitioners; it facilitates survey planning, data collection, analysis and reporting with the ability to generate automatic standard tables and graphs for anthropometric indices and plausibility check reports.

Participants of this course will acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills and become independent users of the software and lead conduct and dissemination of results of nutrition surveys that are most frequently used by humanitarian organizations for needs assessment and evaluation of community based malnutrition treatment and prevention interventions.

Target group:

  • Field Nutritionists
  • Public Health Officers
  • Epidemiologists
  • Social scientists with interest in public health/nutrition research
  • Nursing medical
  • Nutrition and public health students.
Duration: 2 Weeks
Fees: 360,000