Certificate in Oil and Gas Project Management

The certificate in oil and gas management aims to give students a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of project management as it relates to the dynamic oil and gas and energy industries. is  interactive  course  will  equip  participants  with  the  skills  and  Knowledge to deliver successful projects, within budget, to deadline and of sound business value.

A good understanding of oil and gas project management will enable participants to practice and carry out field essential project planning and execution.

Participants  will  study: 
Project  life-cycle  phases,  processes,  tools  and techniques and the broader environment in which oil and gas  projects take place; project planning and control activities, including  anticipating  and  assessing  business  environmental  impacts  in  the earliest  stages of project  planning;  change  management  and  project management and be able to establish a change management  process;  project  management  tools  and  techniques  to  create  a  project   schedule   to meet goals, deliverables and resource constraints  and techniques of evaluation oil and gas projects among others.

Duration: 6 Weekends
Fees: 900,000