CCTV Installer Course

With recent major technological advances ensuring that CCTV continues to play a major role worldwide in helping to combat criminal and terrorist activity, it is not surprising that our CCTV Training Courses continue to be extremely popular. Our combination of classroom theory and hands-on practical CCTV training will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the very latest advancements in CCTV technology, installation, set up and maintenance of key system components such as cameras, lenses and cabling, the CCTV controllers course is also a prerequisite for the CCTV installer’s course.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand CCTV codes of practice, Operational Procedures and Guidelines
  2. Relevant Legislation and how it impacts on CCTV operations
  3. Roles and responsibilities of CCTV operator and other CCTV staff
  4. Understand characteristics of a CCTV system
  5. Understand how to make effective use of CCTV equipment
  6. Utilise and know emergency procedures in the CCTV control room
  7. Entry level for CCTV installers course
  8. Professionalism in the CCTV field

Schedule:      Tuesdays from 7:00pm to 8.30.

Assessments:             Thursdays 8:00pm to 9:00pm

Duration: 6 Weeks
Fees: 300,000