Victoria University stands out as a pivot of academic excellence.

We offer a wide variety of courses and our qualifications are designed to meet the needs of the market place.

Victoria University is one of the leading universities in Uganda and stands out as a center for academic excellenc

Victoria University is a unique academic community. We have a wide rage of undergraduate programs for every career goal.


We provide graduate students with countless opportunities to find creative solutions and innovative breakthroughs.


A university with a global outlook


Here is Everything you Need to Know About Studying and Living in Kampala Uganda

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Webinar - The success and failure Family Business

We are here yet for another Webinar this time under the theme; " The success and failure of the family business in Africa" You can't afford to miss this!! on Wednesday 11 am.

Victoria University - Professor -John Opuda Asibo
Inauguration Of the third VU Chancellor
How to Take Care of a Loved One with Coronavirus